Small Business Eviction Moratorium Extended in Santa Clara County

Dear Business Owner, Manager, Representative:

Santa Clara County has extended a moratorium on small-business evictions through July 28, 2020. Under the law, landlords cannot evict tenants for nonpayment of rent, if the tenant can prove they were financially harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The moratorium applies to both residential and commercial tenants.

Tenants still must pay back all the rent that is owed but may take up to six months to pay at least 50% after the end of the moratorium (January 28, 2021). The outstanding balance must be paid within an additional six months (July 28, 2021).

Landlords must inform tenants of these payment terms. More than 27,000 commercial tenants located in the city of San Jose are covered by the terms of the County moratorium.

The County has published a web page with translation into multiple languages and a detailed FAQ explaining the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant impacted by COVID-19. Email your questions to

With best wishes for your health and the success of your business,