REMINDER: Business Owners Can Qualify for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

If you aren’t yet among those able to reopen their businesses, don’t forget that you may be able to receive unemployment benefits while you prepare to return to work.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Business owners including independent contractors and those who are self employed may apply for unemployment benefits through UI Online (fastest), or by phone, email, or fax. In order to apply, you will need the following information:

The amount that you will receive through the program varies based on income, but will be at least $767 during the weeks of 3/29 through 7/25 because of a $600 temporary increase. Your claim can be backdated to an earlier date based on your last day of work so that you can receive payments from before your submission date.

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance webpage and the accompanying Frequently Asked Questions page provides additional details about the program. Locally, COVID-19 Assistance Navigation offers phone assistance at (408) 809-2124 to supplement EDD call lines.