New County Order Loosens Rules for Retail, Manufacturing, Childcare and More

Dear Business Owner, Manager, Representative:

Starting Friday, June 5, an  updated Public Health Order  will allow outdoor dining, indoor shopping, childcare, manufacturing and more to restart in Santa Clara County.  

The new Order reflects the measurable progress in slowing the spread of the pandemic in Santa Clara County. To avoid increased infections that would require future business closures, all businesses must follow strict social distancing requirements as outlined in the Order. This includes staff training and completing and posting  Social Distancing Protocols  and related signage.   

The following additional businesses will be allowed to re-open. However, the updated order includes specific requirements for each  new type of business now allowed to operate

  • Outdoor dining at restaurants and other food facilities (check out this 6/4 restaurant webinar

  • Retail and shopping centers for in-store shopping  

  • Childcare, summer camps, summer school, and all other educational or recreational programs for all children, in stable groups of up to 12 children  

  • All manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics facilities

  • House cleaning and other no-contact in-home services  

  • Low contact/no contact service businesses such as shoe repair, watch repair, and other similar services  

  • All pet grooming 

Additional activities allowed with social distancing and other requirements:  

  • Outdoor small ceremonies and religious services, in groups no larger than 25  

  • All outdoor recreational activities that do not involve physical contact, with social distancing, including swimming pools, hiking, tennis, golf, etc.  

  • Camping  

  • Drive-in theaters and other car-based gatherings 

Limitations on other non-essential businesses and activities still exist to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Employees at most businesses must continue to work from home if feasible.  Some exceptions are allowed for minimum basic operations at non-essential businesses. Please refer to the Public Health Order for more details. 

With best wishes for your health and the success of your business,

Office of Economic Development Team

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