• Sponsoring the Rose, White and Blue 4th of July Parade and Festival in our business.

  • Implementing a $250,000 grant awarded by Cal-Trans to the SJRDA to plan the future of The Alameda and this business district.

  • Partnering with local neighborhood groups to sponsor the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. This event is in its 17th year.

  • Hosting Brown Bag Lunches and Open Houses to spotlight the wide array of service and retail opportunities along The Alameda.

  • Publishing "The Alameda-The Beautiful Way", the first book to document the 200-year history of The Alameda.

  • Creating a 10-stop walking tour of The Alameda that not only highlights historic locations but also current organizations and individuals.

  • Providing a space for business owners, city staff and local residents to share new ideas and work together on issues that affect the future of the district.

Who We Are- ABA Officers 2009-2010

Executive Board
President – Michael Barnaba
Vice President – Jim Hartigan
Treasurer – Larry Clark
Secretary –Andrew Batchelder
Membership Chair – Ruben Rosso



11 Board of Directors
Adriene Akumsete
Michael Barnaba
Larry Clark
Susan Dwyer
Pat Forst
Jim Hartigan
Andrew Batchelder
Ruben Rosso
Marifan Mundy
Betty Slater
Mary Zellem