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History of The Alameda

What: A celebration of the 208 year history of San Jose's premier thoroughfare, The Alameda. This festival will feature:

  • A History Tour of the newly installed historic plaques marking sites of historic interest on The Alameda. Take a ride on an antique 1940s bus and enjoy this informative and thought provoking tour! Tours depart on the hour.

  • An Original Horse-drawn Railcar display like those that served as early transportation up and down The Alameda beginning in the 1860s.

  • A Hand Powered Railcar on standard gauge tracks.

  • A 1940's Packard Automobile like the ones sold here on The Alameda at the Leland Cerruti Packard dealership.

  • A Roundhouse model replica of the original located near The Alameda.

  • A 1910 Ostenberg gas engine manufactured near The Alameda.

  • An Exhibition of Mission Bells marking the original path of the El Camino.

  • Exhibits by local historians and history organizations.

Where: The Alameda and Hanchett Avenue (1345 The Alameda, San Jose)

Who: Sponsored by the Alameda Business Association (ABA) and the Shasta Hanchett Park Neighborhood Association in cooperation with a variety of neighborhood groups and historical associations.

Why: The History of The Alameda is one of a series of festivals taking place on the last Saturday of each month during the summer. The Alameda has a rich stored past which is being brought to light by the people that live and work on and near this "Grand Boulevard." Each Saturday morning the Farmers Market on The Alameda offers freshest fruit, vegetables, flowers and confectionary and serves as the venue for the History of The Alameda Festival and future 2007 festivals:

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