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Dear Colleague:

We would like to invite you to join us in our effort to create a vibrant and successful Alameda Neighborhood Business District. We believe that all the basic ingredients are already in place:

Location: The Alameda area is centrally located within a well established residential area that offers residents an easy commute to downtown and Silicon Valley.

Residents: Our neighborhoods boast high family incomes, rising property values and a high percentage of home ownership.

Growth: Our population is growing with new upscale residential developments all along our boulevard.

We are working to develop a comprehensive strategy which will allow businesses and organizations in our area to serve this pool of potential customers. Yes, our neighbors need basic retail products and services but they also need the services of professionals who have already chosen to locate their practices on The Alameda. Our neighborhoods have to go somewhere for products and services and we think they can be best served here on The Alameda.

To this end, we are promoting a unifying theme of History to differentiate The Alameda Neighborhood Business District. We are the beneficiaries of a long and storied history that goes back to the inception of The Alameda some 207 years ago. We believe that by bringing the history of The Alameda to life, we can create a desirable and interesting destination for our neighbors and for all of San Jose. To create that kind of business district, we need to promote new ideas and projects:

You can be a part of this creative and collaborative effort by joining The Alameda Business Association. It is a mere $75 per year. But it's not the money - we are after something much important: your ideas and vision.

Please give Ruben Rosso, Membership Chairperson, a call at (408) 661-1561 to find out more about The Alameda Business Association and learn what we do. I think our history will reveal a rewarding future for all of us!

Best regards,

Larry Clark
Immediate Past President & Treasurer, Alameda Business Association

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