The Alameda
Business Association

(408) 436-8581
919 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126

About The ABA

Our Mission

Founded in 1991, The Alameda Business Association (ABA) works to promote and strengthen the commercial, professional, civic and general business interests of association members through education, common cultural ties and community involvement.

Where We Are

The ABA is primarily made up of businesses on The Alameda, a three-mile stretch of the El Camino Real linking Downtown San Jose to Santa Clara, but also includes locations along nearby Stockton, Taylor, Naglee, Hedding, Julian, Park and Race Streets.

What We Do

In the past, the ABA has been involved in many activities to build community along The Alameda. Some of these activities include:

Who We Are- ABA Officers 2009-2010

Executive Board
President – Michael Barnaba
Vice President – Jim Hartigan
Treasurer – Larry Clark
Secretary –Andrew Batchelder
Membership Chair – Ruben Rosso

11 Board of Directors
Adriene Akumsete
Michael Barnaba
Larry Clark
Susan Dwyer
Pat Forst
Jim Hartigan
Andrew Batchelder
Ruben Rosso
Marifan Mundy
Betty Slater
Mary Zellem

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