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Rose, White and Blue 4th of July Parade
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Rose Garden and Shasta Hanchett Neighborhood
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July 4th, 2009

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The Alameda Business Association (ABA) is presenting the 2nd Annual Rose, White and Blue 4th of July Parade (R,W&B Parade). Inspired by historic parades on The Alameda (such as the "Rose Carnival" beginning in 1896 and the "Fiesta de Las Roses" in the 20’s and 30’s), the R,W&B Parade was chosen as an appropriate event to celebrate our neighborhood, our city, and our country. The Parade seeks to build on the historic roots of the area and replicate the fun and excitement of an old fashioned 4th of July parade. The Rose White and Blue 4th of July Parade and Festival was conceived by The ABA to showcase The Alameda as a lively business district, a historic neighborhood destination, and a vehicle to incorporate the residents of the area into a celebration encompassing all walks of life. We believe our parade and festival is the ideal forum for promoting culture in San Jose. We use our parade as a platform to allow cultural groups in San Jose to exhibit their skills by performing in the Parade and allowing them to raise money for their organizations.

The Parade
The Parade begins at a staging area West San Carlos and Shasta Ave and winds through the charming and historic streets of the Shasta/Hanchett Neighborhood, ending at our festival area located near Hanchett Ave. and The Alameda. Schools, marching bands, dance groups, antique auto clubs, high wheel bicyclists, fire trucks, service organizations, equestrians, color guards, pets and their owners are all invited to partake in the Parade. With participation from SH/PNA, RGPNA, College Park Neighborhood Association, Westminster Presbyterian Church, the Capernaum Club for handicapped teens and over 300 local children, last year’s parade became an instant success. Our parade is paced with a mobile calliope that both leads and announces (loudly) the parade. In 2008, there were Grand Marshall’s, local dignitaries, the Lincoln High School jazz band, dance groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, military units and a float making competition where cash prizes are offered to the top three entrants. At the staging area we provide patriotic red, white and blue decorations for the kids to decorate their bikes and wagons. The parade continues to be subject of conversation and continued excitement in our community. The ABA is constantly asked "Are you doing it again this year?"  The answer, “Yes we are!”

The Festival
The end of the Parade route culminates in a festival with a jump-house for the children, a dance floor, rock and roll band, food and carnival booths as well as commercial entries. Because of the huge appeal to children, we are planning a large separate area for kid events in 2009. The local merchants donate food and drinks and the local schools and non-profits work the booths and serve the public. Proceeds go to benefit our local schools and non-profit organizations. In addition, non-profit organizations are invited to set up informational booths at the festival along with local artists and hand made crafts people. The Santa Clara County Rose Association was delighted in the interest in Rose culture and is planning a much larger venue this year. Last year, they were provided with an adjacent indoor venue to display their rare and beautiful roses to the thousands of people that attended the R,W,&B Parade.  We believe we can capitalize on our "Rose" theme by encouraging tourists to come to The Alameda and the R,W,&B Parade to enjoy a unique venue for the display of Roses.

We believe that we can build upon last year’s intial success and develop an increasingly popular event that allows San Jose residents to spend their 4th of July here in San Jose.  Our parade will be 50% longer this year (1.4 miles),  include 90 groups (60 last year), and will double the number spectators to 6,000. Currently, we are the only daytime event on the 4th of July that caters to families and children before the late afternoon and evening events downtown. Since San Jose has no major 4th of July Parade, residents must leave San Jose to enjoy a traditional 4th of July Parade. We believe that the demand for a 4th of July parade is so great here in San Jose that, in the future, we will be able to incorporate The Alameda in the route and re-establish a tradition in San Jose that has gone dormant for so many years.  The original Fiesta de Las Rosas Parade travelled down The Alameda and attracted as many as 250,000 onlookers.  We also intend to keep the "hometown" quality and feel to our parade where kids, pets, homemade floats, and fun are an essential part of this event.

The mission statement of the ABA is "to promote, enhance and strengthen the commercial, professional, civic and general business interests of members through cultural ties and community involvement." The R,W&B Parade provides a meaningful way for the ABA to work closely with the surrounding neighborhoods, and contribute support to the community which represents a significant customer base for many ABA members. The parade offers an opportunity to engage the community, reveal our shared history, and reinforce our common cultural ties.  The mission statement for the R,W&B Parade is as follows:  "To build a historic community parade that brings together the residents, businesses and organizations who take pride in the Alameda Neighborhood Business District and in the neighborhoods that surround The Alameda."  We believe that this mission statement characterizes the purposes and goals of the ABA. It is why we dedicate our time and effort to expanding this newly created 4th of July tradition.

Management and Security
The ABA is experienced in managing events throughout its history as an organization.  The organization has run the Farmers Market on The Alameda for 3 years, Festivals of every description, Movie Nights on the Alameda, Living History Day on The Alameda, Arts on The Alameda,  the 15th annual Community Tree Lighting and Crafts Faire, historic walking tours of The Alameda, and of course, the R,W&B Parade.  We have shown our ability to sponsor such events fiscally, as well as provide effective traffic and crowd control, sanitation, and clean-up after our events.  Police supervision is provided along the parade route and at the Festival. We work closely with the City of San Jose for permitting and compliance for an Outdoor Special Event as well as with the County Health Department. Last year's R,W&B Parade, earned the praise of the San Jose police department in that there were no incidents to report and that we attracted a "happy" crowd of parade goers.  They reported that our overall organization made the event enjoyable - even for them!  The San Jose Fire Department described us as an "on time" event.

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